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Dear Visitor:

            Thank you for visiting the Around the Clock Information Systems Web Site.  One of the reasons why I started this company was due to all of the horror story's that I have heard over the years from private citizens and business owners alike telling me about their exacerbating experiences with other Information Technology Service companies.  One could conclude that because there are more computers and networks than there are qualified, caring technicians and engineers to service them, that a vast majority of my competitors tend to take advantage of their customers lack of knowledge in the area of Information Technology.  I feel that it is downright unsavory to charge a customer $100 for a 15 minute service call during normal business hours.  I often hear about my competitors charging for products and services that their customers don't need or want.  Why should anyone have to pay for $500 worth of alleged bad hardware plus the labor to install it, when all that was required was the reinstallation of the operating system or removal of some conflicting application?  For brevity's sake, these are only but a few of the hundreds of examples that I will share with you on this page.

            If given the opportunity, I pledge to you, my prospective customer, that no Around the Clock Information Systems employee will ever try to sell you products or services that you don't need or want.  We will always offer you the most cost effective solution to your Information Technology requirements.  Many people complain that superior customer service is a thing of the past and impossible to achieve because employees just don't feel loyal to their company or their customers anymore.  Unfortunately, in many circumstances I would have to agree with those folks; but here at Around the Clock Information Systems, I'm trying to change that frame of mind.  My expectations are high, and every person I employ must have the customers needs and satisfaction in mind at all times.  

Set up an appointment today.  In this age of fast moving high technology, I think you will find our focus on professionalism and superior customer service... refreshing!


President, Around the Clock Information Systems


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