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Virus Removal

Virus/Spyware Detection, Prevention and Removal

Do you suffer from ghosts in the machine?  Does your computer behave as if has gremlins?  Act quickly, because it could be infected with a virus, worm or other *malware!  Whether you have a desktop, laptop or PDA, youll need the latest Anti-Virus software.  Anti-Virus software protects your computers' Operating System and other files from damage or destruction, and prevents you from unknowingly passing viruses on to others when you send E-Mails or share files.  Around the Clock Information Systems can remove all kinds of malware from your computer and restore it back to good working order.  We can also help prevent your computer from being taken over by this malicious software in the future.  If you are unsure about which Anti-Virus software to purchase/install or how to configure it, just ask our experts.

*Definition:  "malware" a contraction of the two words MALicious and softWARE.

Read more about the Information Technology industry's growing concern about Spyware here in this ZDNet News article by Rick Broida:  http://news.zdnet.com/2102-1009_22-5541802.html?tag=printthis

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