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Network Installation

Conventional Wired Ethernet and Wireless Networks

So you have two or more computers in your home, lots of folks do these days.  A home network allows your computers to share resources.  For example, data files, printers, music, video and your connection to the Internet.  Networked PC or Console gaming (Xbox, PlayStation, GameCube) is another great and fun way to utilize your home network.  Perhaps youve heard about the new cutting edge wireless networks?  Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect multiple computers or peripherals together but dont like to be tied down with cables.  Let Around the Clock Information Systems design, install, configure and maintain your new state-of-the-art high speed home Network.  If problems arise, youll want fast on-site service.  From the simple to the complex, Around the Clock Information Systems can provide the home network solutions to ensure that you get the ultimate in performance, convenience and enjoyment from all the networkable devices in your home.

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