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Internet Security

Firewalls, Broadband Routers and Internet Security

How secure is your personal computer and/or home network?  Is your Operating System running the latest Service Pack?  Do you install Windows updates shortly after they are released?  Do the preceding questions sound like Greek to you?  We can install Operating System Security Vulnerability Updates and Application patches and Service Packs.  Some other ways to protect yourself is to have Around the Clock Information Systems install a personal firewall or broadband router between your Internet connection and your home computer(s).  This will help to keep script-kiddies and crackers from breaking into your computer and accessing your private data.  Some software Firewalls can also alert you when viruses, worms or other malware (malicious software) programs attempt to transmit your sensitive information over the Internet.  Personal firewalls are crucial if you have a broadband always on Internet connection like Cable or DSL.  Protect yourself and your family with help from Around the Clock Information Systems.

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