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Patch Management

Operating System Security Vulnerability Updates and
Application Patch Management

Operating System and Application Patch/Update Management is one of the most critical and complex security related issues for networked computer systems.  Before the Internet, the risk of not patching a system was limited by the very fact that computers werent connected to each other and so could not come into contact with potentially harmful software.  The risks increased dramatically, however, as companies built Local Area Networks and connected themselves to the commercial Internet.  Due to the frequent interactions and exchanges between computers around the world, a virus, worm or other vulnerability can be exploited and spread in a matter of minutes.  Your Information Technology Staff may be too busy scrambling to put out other fires on a daily or even hourly basis.  Time for patching and updating may be scarce and quite possibly not the highest priority in your systems administrators schedule.  Around the Clock Information Systems can help take the load off of your overburdened IT staff and implement a patch management system that will save you thousands of dollars in man-hours, in addition to keeping your computer systems as up to date and secure as possible.  


Read more about the Information Technology industry's growing concern about Spyware here in this ZDNet News article by Rick Broida:  http://news.zdnet.com/2102-1009_22-5541802.html?tag=printthis

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