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Firewalls & Security

Firewalls and Network Security

Keep your companys sensitive data private.  Our Engineers can custom build or recommend and install firewalls and other network security devices.  Dont let your data fall into the hands of Internet predators. 

Most modern day commercial quality network devices are so sophisticated and complex that they require full blown Operating Systems to function.  Over time, security vulnerabilities are discovered that require these operating systems (sometimes called FIRMWARE) to require upgrading/updating.  Network connectivity devices can be targeted by malicious individuals (known as CRACKERS) who get their jollies out of executing denial of service attacks.  Due to the fact that these devices are often tucked away out of sight in telephone or electrical closets, they are commonly forgotten about.  Dont let your network connectivity devices become the weak-link in your automation infrastructure.  Around the Clock Information Systems can help ensure that your Network hubs, switches, routers, firewalls and other network access points are running the latest and greatest firmware and have been configured with secure passwords.

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